Monday, May 01, 2006

Dominance of Wikipedia - threat of legal action may force tightening up of editing access

Watch out for the rising star of Wikipedia which now is starting to dominate search engine results.  This co-operative information guide is astonishing not only for speed of growth but also for the fact that it is still completely open (to abuse).  Anyone in the world can go onto the site and alter any page in any way they like.  So far the anarchists have been contained by active monitoring by the rest of the community, but this kind of openness is already melting away.  It is now necessary to log in a s a registered user to create new pages, and I predict it will not be long before a series of high profile legal threats force Wikipedia to tighten up further.  The problem is sensitive when for example people write untrue things on entries for political leaders – which has happened recently.

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