Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Clouds and Crowds: Seize your Digital Future

Clouds and Crowds: Seize your Digital Future: "CONVERGENCE

We think about convergence of technologies, and of businesses such as information and entertainment companies. But convergence also demands multi-skilled, multidisciplinary teams. People with unusual combinations of experiences and training. Globalisation of every large business, mergers, acquisitions – all these create new leadership pressures when it comes to sharing information. New blends of products and services. Blurring of differences between different kinds of corporations.


Beyond increasingly mobile connections between people, to connections between apparently unrelated ideas and facts. Semantic web. Example: fraud detection in banking using complex data analysis to identify patterns of unusual activity, including unusual interactions between people. Example: detection of viral mutations and new patterns of disease. Example: predicting behaviour of customers through multivariate analysis. All these things require a much more sophisticated approach to data. A recent UK survey showed that in the largest corporations:

•85% allow wireless access
•90% allow remote access
•75% use software as a service / cloud
•44% entrust critical services to 3rd party"


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